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Think It Studio was hired by the Transylvania County Sesquicentennial committee to create the logo and establish an identity for the Transylvania County Sesquicentennial celebration or “TC150”. Work began on the logo in March 2010 and was completed by June, 2010.

The project brief called for a design that would represent the idea of past to present and that would support the tag line “Weaving a Tapestry of Community”. It also had to incorporate images that speak to the beauty and history of the county. This list would include; waterfalls, mountains, historic buildings, railroad and community.  It had to reproduce in black and white and be able to reduce down to business card size. A lot of information had to be conveyed with this logo after all it was a big a birthday.

After the logo was finally completed, we had to begin work on the splash page, then the website, merchandising pieces, brochure and signage around downtown Brevard and the county.