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Twitter is a micro blogging platform that lets people quickly and briefly speak on daily activities, news updates, business concepts and many other topics. Many businesses are jumping on board to use twitter to update their followers on a more regular basis without having to invest much time in lengthy articles. Twitter updates can’t be any longer than 140 characters which tends to force writers to leave out the fluff and just get down to the point.

Twitter is constantly integrating into many other social sites such as Facebook and MySpace which is aiding the social interaction of people everywhere. Tapping into this quick update, text messaging style of communicating is a great way to keep your name and branding in front of your target audience without sending one more email that people don’t really want in their inbox anyway.

Setting up your very own twitter account only takes a second and is easier than most sign-ups out there on the web. You can save your twitter page in your bookmarks and return to your page to gain followers and see what others are doing frequently. You can also update what you are doing with your mobile phone or use a twitter update widget such as my personal favorite TweetDeck. So check it out and find some friends or interesting people to follow and tell me what you think.

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