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Getting your business out there and noticed on the web can be pretty daunting. Here are some FREE ways to list your business to pull in maybe a few potential visitors. Some of these have a confirmation process but it is worth the delay.

1. Google Local – List your business and as much information as it will let you and watch your location pop up on google maps and in search engines. This free service will even allow you to enter a coupon to further drive visitors to your site.

2.Yahoo Local – This is Yahoo’s version of Google Local and will bring a new target audience to your listing.

3. Windows Live Search – Windows Live Local Listing Center service allows business owners to add their business information within Live search and Virtual Earth.

4. Yellow pages – These guys call me all the freakin time and it is really annoying but at least they will list businesses for free.

5. HotFrog – is one of the USA’s largest online business directories and is growing by the day. They help customers to find businesses and businesses to find customers – country-wide.