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Well another New Year is here.  Happy New Year!

Blogging is an excellent way to engage directly with your target audience. It’s also the easiest way to begin driving traffic to your site and, hence, have the opportunity to grow your business. If these things interest you than yes, you should start a blog.

Just start writing. Write about what you think is interesting and chances are other people think the same thing. Think about writing as a conversation with your target audience and write that way. All of us can speak at least well enough to be understood in a conversation. So treat blogging like it’s a conversation and don’t worry about being the best writer out there. The beauty of your own blog is that you get to start each conversation (blog post), you get to choose the topic and the way of looking at the topic. Then, invite your readers to respond.

Maybe its your New Years resolution to start a blog and write a post once a week. Devoting your time to blogging for your business and fulfilling other marketing strategies will ultimately help you online traffic.

There are a few blog platforms on the web but the most popular is definitely Word Press. The extensibility lends itself to growth better than all of the others.