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Email signatures are sometimes a forgotten marketing tool.  In this post I will talk about what a good signature looks like and some tools to make it a little more interesting.

Let’s first talk about some do’s and don’ts with your email signature.

Do make sure it is clear and concise.
Your name name, company name, email address and phone number should always be included in your signature.  Don’t make people hunt down how to contact you.

Don’t included your company logo, although this might sound different from what I typically preach.  Email clients such as gmail will not display your images in an email by default so just get to the point with your details.

Do include your company website or blog.  Driving people to your website should be your motto for all of your online marketing strategies.  You can also include your social media links as long as you do not include to many.

Don’t add anything you do not feel is absolutely necessary. To much clutter will distract from the content of the email, not to mention it gets really difficult to read through back and forth response emails when the majority of what you see is your novel of a signature.

Email signature tools.

1. Wisestamp

Wisestamp is a Firefox extension that will allow you to create a custom email signature and drop it into any email client such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and AOL. You can quickly and easily install this extension and browse through some of the examples Wisestamp provides for you.  If you don’t see one you like you can customize your own to your liking.  You can even promote your latest blog article by displaying an RSS feed headline.