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A few years ago, nobody knew what a wearable was – the category didn’t exist in any meaningful way for customers. Fast-forward to 2015, and wearables are everywhere. Regardless of what you think of them, you’ve probably heard all about smartwatches and Google Glass by now. You may even own a fitness band or two.

We’ve seen more smartwatches and fitness bands than we can count. While most of the ones that showed up in 2014 were ugly and square, standouts like the Asus ZenWatch, Moto 360, and LG G Watch R prove that smartwatches are about to get a lot more fashionable. Apple’s announcement that the Apple Watch is coming seems to have lit a fire under the industry’s backside, and wearables are becoming more beautiful every day. We might even see attractive wearables for women this year!

Meanwhile, fitness trackers are becoming more high tech, now that heart rate monitors and more accurate sensors are readily available at low prices.

However, wrist-bound wearables and smartglasses aren’t the only things we expect to see this year. Smart jewelry and smart clothing are two categories that just keep picking up steam. Although many will be fitness-focused, high-end fashion companies are jumping on the bandwagon, too.

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