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SEO is like a big black hole. Just as you think  you have a handle on the basic’s. Whole new way of searching for content comes into play and everything you just spent the past year on learning is out the window. I came across this article on Audience Bloom, written  by Kathrina Tiangco, published September 20, 2015. This is a classic example of quickly online technologies are moving

Search engines are evolving in strange new ways. Mobile searches have overtaken desktop searches (at long last), and competitors like Bing and Yahoo are growing more and more like Google every day, unifying the capacity of every major search brand. As if that weren’t enough, a wave of digital assistants like Siri, Google Now, and Cortana have begun to emerge to redefine the search process—rather than opening a browser window, going to a search engine site, and plugging in an entry only to wade through a string of possible results, users can now use conversational commands and queries to engage with a human-like interface and be met with an almost immediate answer.

Modern digital assistants function almost as intermediaries, with search engines themselves operating in the background. Oftentimes, traffic from searches is completely negated—users get the answers they need without browsing or navigating to individual websites—and in other cases, digital assistants take you to websites directly based on your queries. With this new paradigm of search in place, is it even possible to optimize your site for a digital assistant? Read more.